Official Images of LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 19!

Official images ahoy! The Collectable Minifigure Series are always a big hit with the fans, and we’ve finally got some proper photos of CMF Series 19. These will be available from September 1, 2019.


There are some great characters in this series, and some even better new element inclusions! We don’t have official names yet, so these are what I’m guessing, but I’m super excited to get a hold of them. There’s 16 to collect – let’s take a look!


Dog Minder

We’ve seen the french bulldog before, although not in white, but the dachshund is new, and amazing! I’m looking forward to adding him to my dog collection. Most importantly, and it doesn’t show it on the image, but we get dog poo with this. It’s a curly poo designed 1×1 moulded stud. Yes!


Fox Suit Girl

Another costumed minifigure, and a tan chicken! Those are a bit more rare than the white variant. It also looks like it’s got a tail as well.



It’s good to see an updated controller element, and I like the nod to the Cyborg from CMF 16. Very clever. There’s also some excellent classic LEGO space logos including M-Tron, Blacktron and Classic Space – a great touch.


Monkey King

Apparently this is the Monkey King – I don’t know who he is, or what he’s meant to be, but he looks cool!


Bath Time Guy

I love this! His towel is cute, and the rubber ducky is excellent, as well as the bath cap. It’s a recolour of the cap used on the Surgeon from way back in Series 6.

Female Hacker/Coder

Unsurprisingly the binary translates to LEGO, but I still like the design. The hair is excellent, and she does have accessories – a white laptop and a funny looking tank thing. Check out the group photo at the bottom of the post.


Evil Batlord Knight

Is this Basil the Batlord returned? He looks spooky, and has some excellent printing all over him. I like that transparent light blue sword too!


Mountain Biker Girl

It’s great to see another female mountain biker! I love the large frame bike.


This one is awesome! Finally we get a female mummy to match the mummy in Series 3. She also comes with a golden scorpion.


Female Firefighter

This is an interesting one. It’s strange to see what is essentially a City design minifigure in a collectible series. The hair and helmet element is great, as well as the megaphone, but it’s a curious inclusion.


Johnny Thunder

He’s back from adventuring to find a brand new chameleon! Johnny Thunder from LEGO Adventurers over 10 years ago is back and he looks great.


Lady Gardener

This is superb! The flamingo is stunning and a very welcome addition. The minifigure is not as impressive, but the printing is still quite good. That flamingo though!


Pizza Suit Guy

Using a recoloured and printed watermelon costume, this Pizza Suit Guy will be the new mascot in many pizzerias around town. He looks excellent. I like the inclusion of the menu too.


Care Bear

Making good use of the new vibrant coral colour, this just looks cute. I’m very interested in seeing what the head print looks like.


Blacktron Knight

There is just so much nostalgia in this series! I absolutely love yet another nod to Blacktron. He looks so cool.


Rugby Player

Hooray! A rugby player! I love the ball element, but he looks very tired, with the bags under his eyes. Maybe he should get some sleep.

That’s the lot! What do you think about the Collectable Minifigure Series 19? I’m liking them! Thanks to JB Spielwaren for the images.

2 thoughts on “Official Images of LEGO Collectable Minifigure Series 19!

  1. Sasha Reply

    OMG , gotta have them. They are great but 2 things missing – I was really hoping Lego would put out the 2 Flintstone children. ;-(

    • John Post authorReply

      If they had produced them, I’d say they would have included them in the initial set. I was hoping they were going to be in there too!

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