Official Images of LEGO Trolls World Tour

A couple of days ago Yahoo posted the images of the LEGO Trolls World Tour sets, and they look intriguing. The movie won’t be around until April next year, but the sets will be out in January. We’ve already seen the trolls themselves, now it’s time for the sets! There’s also one 4+ set (previously known as Juniors).

41250 Techno Reef Dance Party (US$19.99)

It’s interesting that there’s cloth elements included in the build – why couldn’t the hearts be LEGO? The plate exists…

41251 Poppy’s Pod (US $19.99)

The cloth flower looks interesting, but why not make another element to suit? There are plenty of new elements in this already.

41252 Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure (US $29.99)

Now this looks better. I love the look of the bigger hot air balloon.

41253 Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure (US $29.99)

41254 Volcano Rock City Concert (US $39.99)

More cloth elements in the big wings. It also appears that the singers can rotate on stage.

41255 Pop Village Celebration (US $49.99)

For a US $50 set, I’d hope there would be ore than just a big collection of massive parts. For the most part, this is a lot of huge elements with some flowers. Bummer.

As usual, let me know what you think of the LEGO Trolls World Tour sets in the comments below.

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