Official Info on 10253: Big Ben

Aren’t we lucky! This is the next set to follow the fantastic 10234: Sydney Opera House and 10214: Tower Bridge, and it’s the same scale as 10214, so it’s big. The clock tower is 60cm tall!

10253: Big Ben is a plethora of awesomeness, with a beautifully detailed Parliament building full of statues, shields, windows and ski poles, and will be available to Early Access VIPs from June 15, with the general release date as 1 July, and Aussie retailers stocking it from October 2016. Aussies – get ready to pay a very reasonable $350.

There are four brand new printed clock faces, with the clocks themselves being adjustable from a dial at the back of the model, and even a bell (Big Ben is the name of the bell itself) visible under the removable roof. For more info, check out the Designer video, starring the legend himself, Jamie Berard.

Once again, LEGO does not disappoint! It’s going to be another good year…

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