Official Reveal of 10302 Optimus Prime! Transformers in LEGO!

This is about as big as it can get – two massive toy companies working together to produce 10302 Optimus Prime. Information is scarce at the moment, but this post will be updated when we know more.

What we know is that it’s 1,508 pieces, releasing 1st June, and it transforms. Not by taking things apart – the proper way Transformers do it – folding up! This dream set will cost US $169.99 / DE €169.99 / UK £149.99 / AU $259.99.

This insanely cool set and a dream one of many childhoods including mine depicts the Generation 1 Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots in the classic red and blue splendour. It’s not small either, measuring against the door frame at 35cm tall and 18.5cm wide.

It’s relatively poseable and comes with a UCS-esque plaque, his Ion Blaster, Energon Axe, Energon Cube and the Matrix of Leadership, and a jetpack!

This is bound to be set of the year, or at least up there, and it’s incredibly special to see Hasbro and LEGO working together to create such an amazing set. But, this begs the question – now that we have Optimus Prime, does that mean we can see Bumblebee, Ratchet, Jazz, or even some of the Decepticons? Getting Megatron and Starscream would be insane.

My goodness, the possibilities!

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  1. Jon

    Looks kind of cheap for the first ever transformer Lego also expected a lot more pieces

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