Offroaders and a new future BricktasticBlogger!

I’m back! It’s been a while for me, and I’ll get into that in a second, but I was browsing Flickr this morning and came across a fantastic series of vignettes by Pixel Fox, all focusing on different Offroaders, or 4x4s.

Land Rover Series 1 - Pixel Fox

This series is really imaginative, and uses real world elements as part of the landscape, which leads to some beautiful vignettes.

Land Rover Defender - Pixel Fox

There’s 16 so far, and I really hope Pixel Fox creates more. I’ve chosen four of my favourites though – Land Rover Series 1, Toyota Land Cruiser J70, the mighty Land Rover Defender, and the Hummer H1.Land Cruiser J70I reckon these are fantastic, especially the J70, and that adorable rhino! Using real world elements is such a clever idea, an really adds something special. That, and the minifigure posing is spot on.

Hummer H1 - Pixel Fox

This week has been an incredibly busy week, but easily the best week of my life. I’m now a dad! There’s a new minifigure in my collection, and she’s super special. On Saturday night, our little girl was born – meet Indiana! Hopefully later down the track she’ll be helping her Dad out with some DUPLO and Juniors reviews.


Over the next month or so I’ll be pausing the set reviews, and sticking with a few sporadic posts on other standard weekly things, with the intent to drop down to a fortnightly review instead of a weekly one. This being a parent thing is a lot of work!

BricktasticBlog Family

Here’s what our family looks like now! Indi’s not quite ready for standing on her own yet, but it will come. The picture was actually used as our pregnancy announcement. I’m really glad that baby was added to LEGO’s element list when it was!

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