Perth’s LEGO Store is coming to Karrinyup Shopping Centre

An exclusive article will be published in The West Australian tomorrow morning, Tuesday July 13th with some scant details on Perth’s very first LEGO Certified Store – it’ll be at Karrinyup Shopping Centre. It’s already doing the rounds on the interwebs.

Not a lot of information was shared (I didn’t get any information here until seeing the article), but it’ll open by late October, with a second shop on the cards for next year, (hopefully in the southern suburbs). It’ll cover around 300sq metres and will include iconic WA landmarks and familiar icons that’ll be unveiled at the opening.

According to Richard Facioni, executive chairman at Alquemie Group, the retail partner, there’s potential in Perth for at least three stores, which is good news. Here’s hoping.

It’s good news! Stay tuned as I’ll be publishing more as I get it.

3 thoughts on “Perth’s LEGO Store is coming to Karrinyup Shopping Centre

  1. Jay Ridley

    Why wouldn’t they put it in a more central and easier to access location instead of all the way up there was the first thing to come to mind

    • Jay Ridley

      Well we do live in australia and not some second world country so what do you expect *insert loud eye roll*
      All i meant is it would have made more sense to put the first store in a more city central location so everyone can get to it instead of in the middle of nowhere

  2. Dirk Slawinski

    1st world problems … It will always be either “all the way up there” or “all the way down there” or “all the way in the City” so there is never going to be a winner with respect to traveling. I am just happy there is going to be one … we all should.

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