Pocket Sized Collectible Sets Coming in 2020

Time for some more 2020 sets. This time we’re keeping it small. Both the Ninjago and Friends themes have some very interesting pocket sized collectible sets coming in 2020. I think they look good, and also versatile! Friends first…

LEGO Friends Play Cubes

These are similar to the LEGO pods that branched out across various themes this year, but with possibly some larger piece counts. There’s also a surprise pet inside each packet, also labeled “Series 1”. By the sounds of things we can expect more. There are a few images missing from the first series, but here’s what we have. Cheers to bricksfanz.com for the images. They should cost around AU $15

41400 Andrea’s Play Cube – Singer

I’m liking that piano keyboard tile.

41401 Stephanie’s Play Cube – Baker

This one is particularly great because of the cake! I’m pretty keen to get a few of these.

41402 Olivia’s Play Cube – Researcher

The whiteboard marker in the top right of the left hand side looks good.

41403 Mia’s Play Cube – Veterinarian

41404 Emma’s Play Cube – Photographer

Lastly, there’s Ninjago. These will be very appealing, and not just for Ninjago fans. I’ll definitely be getting a few of these!

Ninjago Avatar Arcade Capsules

Arcade machines? Yes please! I also love the console controller shaped sword handles, as well as other assorted blade options. These will look great in displays. Like the Friends Play Cubes, they should cost around AU $15. Once again, thanks to bricksfanz.com for the images.

71714 Avatar Kai Arcade Capsule

71715 Avatar Lloyd Arcade Capsule

71716 Avatar Jay Arcade Capsule

What do you think? Any you are looking forward to? I think 2020 is going to be great!