Reinventing the LEGO Robot

Plenty of Australian LEGO fans would know of Henry Pinto, otherwise known as The LEGO Dark Knight. One of the winners of LEGO Masters Australia Season 1, he is masterful at mechs and robots, having done some pretty insane work before – check out his Flickr page for an idea!

Well, he’s done it again with an incredibly realistic and poseable robot based off the movie character Chappie. I was able to ask him a few questions about his latest project!

What was the inspiration for the mechs?

The inspiration behind this series of mechs was literally picking up some random pieces in my assorted revenue of LEGO and thinking these pieces would make a cool looking waist.

It was the ball and socket suspension assembly and the friction cylinders.

What was the design process?

I wanted to create a mech that could emulate human movement without the bindings of mechanical assemblies. I wanted to be able to pose the limbs like a 1/6 scale action figure. From there I adapted the ball and socket friction method used in Voltron as the basis for all the joints.

I also looked at what joint mechanisms would allow the limbs to move in a human like manner. From the research I completed, the main mechanism was the butterfly joint in the shoulder, which allows the arms to move in towards the chest. The elbows and knees also had to be double jointed to allow extension beyond the traditional 90 degree angle.

When completed, the mech has 32 points of articulation, which is more than I have ever been able to capture in a model.

How many parts are included?

I’m not sure but it would sit around maybe 500 or so.

What’s next for the mechs?

I want to build a few of them and flesh out a tactical squad and perhaps shoot them in humorous domestic situations to show everyone the level of articulation they have.

It sounds amazing! We’re looking forward to seeing some more photos.

Check out more images at Henry’s Flickr account – this should prove to be an awesome project to keep an eye on!