Reviewing the 2017 LEGO Advent Calendars

December is almost upon us once again (man, that went fast!), and that means the Advent Calendars are under way! From tomorrow, in homes around the world, people will be getting a daily little fix of LEGO. Hooray! As is a BricktasticBlog tradition, I’ll be reviewing the three LEGO Advent Calendars on the blog, every day. I’m on holidays at the moment, and will miss the first three days of December, but I’ll be posting a catch up (hopefully) on December 4th.

Check in each day for the next build – there’ll be links to the right for the rest of the month on each of the calendars. Like previous years, there’s one from City, Friends and Star Wars.

There won’t be any spoilers on social media, but if you read this before you’ve opened yours, then you’ll only be spoiling the surprise for yourself!

Merry Christmas, and happy building!