Sets featured at the New York Toy Fair!

You would have read yesterday that the New York Toy Fair has just been, and there were loads of LEGO sets shown off. I’ve found a bunch of photos from, and wanted to share them! There are some great themes included, so check them out. I’ve also broken them up into themes.

Remember, this isn’t the complete list. There’s also new sets from Bionicle, Friends, Ninjago, Ultra Agents, and the brand new Elves and Scooby-Doo themes.


So while there still is no resurgence of the Space theme, it’s one step closer with these sets. Interestingly, LEGO did release a larger space shuttle back in 2010, with 10213: Shuttle Adventure. I thought that set looked great, as well as slightly larger. I’m still on the lookout for that set. Another awesome subtheme is the underwater one. I’m really excited about the underwater submarine. It looks fantastic! 60095: Deep Sea Exploration Vessel got loads of media time, and has some pretty interesting bits and pieces.

I like the look of 60097: City Square. That tram is going to be a great addition to people’s displays, and there is just so much in that set! Finally, the City Advent Calendar. I got my 2014 City Advent Calendar (60063) in mid January, and was really impressed. This one looks pretty good, but of course there’s only around 11 days on the cover as far as I can see. When it comes out, I’ll be getting it, and will do a daily review of the bits and pieces.


I’m very excited with the look of that plane! It looks great. I’m a big fan of LEGO aircraft. This one will go great in my collection!

DC Comics Super Heroes

These look pretty cool. I like the minifigure Deathstroke! That Jokerland looks incredible. There are so many minifigures. That one will be popular.

Jurassic World

Finally, some images of the Jurassic World sets! These look really good. Those dinos are great! I’m interested in getting them to see just how big they are. I’m never that good at judging sizes from box art.

Marvel Super Heroes

Additions to the SHIELD team, a big ol’ Rhino, that fantastic Sandman fist, and Antman! Very exciting stuff.


Last month I reviewed 21113: The Cave. While I enjoyed a few aspects of the build, I’ve still found it a little flimsy. The minifigures are great, but not versatile with other sets of different themes. These new sets, however, look pretty good. Admittedly I bought the cheapest, smallest set to review, so the other larger ones may be better. I’m not sure about the cactus in the middle of the lava pool in the first one. Seems like you’re reaching LEGO. I do like the other sets though. 

Star Wars

Lastly, Star Wars. This only scratches the surface of the new Star Wars sets. There are heaps! I’m really looking forward to these.

What else have you seen that you’re looking forward to? Let me know in the comments.