Share Your Most Creative Builds from 2018!

Exciting news! The LEGO Life app is looking to showcase the coolest and most creative builds from 2018 in a slideshow video featuring the AFOL community. They’re looking for your craziest creations, your most original MOCs and your most epic builds! This can be anything big or small, animated or not (brickfilms and kinetic sculptures are welcome too) and from anybody at any skill level!

LEGO Life Logo

There’s only one rule — it’s got to be original (sorry, no intellectual property like Spider-man or Star Wars).

If you have something that fits that criteria, send it through to me at with the name of the builder, and I’ll send them through in a big batch email to The LEGO Group through the Ambassador Network. You’ll need to send it by Sunday January 6, 2019, 11:59 AWST.

If it’s easier, you can send me links to Flickr, Instagram, Google Drive, etc as well.