Sorting the Mother of All Bulk LOTS (Part 2)

For the next few weeks I’m working my way through a massive bulk lot, filled with bulk LEGO and around 80 sets. I’m planning on building them all, giving them a quick review, and telling you all about the interesting parts I find. You can read Part 1 here.

It’s been a whole week of sorting this week. After last week’s pretty average attempt at sorting while building, we realised it just wasn’t going to work. We needed to get organised and sort everything before building sets. We have family staying with us at the moment, so we had to move all the boxes and bags, so we decided to get a new area ready for sorting. I bought some more big zip lock bags (a must have when sorting big bulk lots) and got stuck into it. 

​We don’t have that much table space, so some side tables, a couch and some chairs did the trick.

We’ve ended up sorting into the following groups:

  • Black
  • Greys
  • White
  • Dark browns
  • Light browns / sand
  • Reds
  • Yellows 
  • Greens
  • Blues 
  • Orange
  • Purples and pink
  • Transparents
  • Minifigure bodies (including heads and hair)
  • Minifigure accessories
  • Animals and food 
  • 1×1 tiles, plates and cheese blocks (including transparents)

​And then separate boxes for small Technic bits like axles, pins of different sizes and types, axle clips etc.

It seems to be working pretty well. We’ve got a lot of it separated already, thanks to my helpful family, so by the time this is published, we will be done, and ready to start building. 

We’ve found some pretty interesting items too, some of which I hope will lead to full sets. 

Harry Potter bits and pieces

I may be wrong, but all the research has told me that these items are from a Harry Potter set – 4709: Hogwarts Castle. The images on the box don’t include these items, so I’m not sure how factual that is. If anyone knows where they belong, get in contact!

​LEGO Time Teacher

This was already built, and I’ve found part of the watch band that goes with it! LEGO Time Teacher is a brick built clock with plastic clock face that came with a watch, a minifigure (the one on the clock face), and some cue cards, perfect for teaching kids to tell the time! They’re still available for purchase.

That’s it for this week! Just a short one. Next week I’ll be back in the building stages. 

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