SPOILER – 76075: Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Official Images

I’m a huge fan of the DC and Marvel Universe Movies, and Wonder Woman looks to be an incredible inclusion to the DC Universe. The trailer from Comic-Con, the official trailer and the  recently released origin trailer have looked mind-blowingly good, but are all very good at not giving everything away. It’s a talent, as the three trailers all include lots of different footage.

Well, the big secret is out. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have a few images and a couple of snippets of information about an upcoming set that will be released one month before the film Wonder Woman comes to cinemas. The film is due out in June, and this set (containing 286 pieces) has a release date of May 1st, 2017, and I’ve got to say, it looks excellent! There’s no information about pricing yet, but I estimate it will be around the $50 to $60 mark for Australians, around $30 for the US, and a bit less for the UK.

EDIT: The price is up! This set is now available on LEGO Shop at Home for AUD $59.99

If you don’t want to see the images or spoil the movie for yourself, then don’t scroll down.





















Ok, if you’re sure…

76075: Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Box Art

The villain of the movie is Ares, the god of war, and he looks excellent! The helmet reminds me a little of a Ninjago helmet used by the snake kingdom, and I’m really glad they’ve gone with a BigFig again! Giant Man was seriously cool. The plane piloted by Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) looks excellent, and Wonder Woman looks as heroic as ever.

Wonder Woman Warrior Battle Set inclusions

So, are you going to get a copy of this when it’s released? I certainly will! It looks excellent.

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