Surf Rescue Reaches 10,000 Supporters!

Surf Rescue - LEGO Ideas

It’s done it! After a huge round of promotions across the interwebs, including BricktasticBlog, Surf Rescue by Damien and his son Aiden has gained over 6000 supporters in only a few days, and has made it to the Review Stage. That’s huge news, and it’s great to see that the LEGO community can rally together to get this done and support fellow builders.

I’m not going to say much more about it – you can read the post from the other day, or head over to the project page on LEGO Ideas to check it out for yourself. I’m ecstatic that it’s made it! Here’s hoping that it gets approved. Good luck, Damien and Aiden, and well done on this huge milestone!

Here’s the other nine that are up for review. Surf Rescue makes it 10. I wonder if any will be approved and made into a set? There’s some brilliant ones. Surf Rescue is the clear favourite in my books.

Which one is your favourite, and what do you hope will make it next? Anything is possible!

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