Ryde Brick Fair 2018 Promo Image

Ryde Brick Fair 2018

The LEGO master builders of Sydney (SydLUG) are throwing open their LEGO lairs to show just what is possible when you don’t follow the instructions. Gates are open from 10am-4pm on Sunday 16th September 2018!

40 Years of Minifigures – Assembly

It’s been a great week exploring the intricacies and details of the minifigure as we celebrate it’s 40th anniverary. Today I’m looking in depth at the assembly process. We’ve seen the patents, the prototypes, and the design and manufacture process…

Denmark Minifigure Patent 1977

40 Years of Minifigures – The Patents

August 29th, 1977 was the date the first patent for the current minifigure was handed in. It’s 40 years today since the minifigures were launched (a year later, in 1978) and to celebrate that, The LEGO Group has sent through a huge pile of images, information and videos, for me to share with you…

Hamburger - nobu_tary

Fancy a bite?

This fantastic build popped up on my Flickr feed the other day, and I thought it needed a share! It’s called Hamburger, and it’s been created by nobu_tary…