The Haunted Mansion: 50th Anniversary Reaches 10K

We’ve got another project submission for the LEGO Ideas Second 2019 Review Stage – The Haunted Mansion: 50th Anniversary by GoodOlPrince.

The Haunted Mansion - GoodOlPrince

If you have ever been to Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Florida, you’d have seen this classic structure, and this is a fantastic representation of it in LEGO form.

Haunted Mansion - Magic Kingdom

We’re a few years away from the actual 50th Anniversary of the building, but haunted buildings have tended to go down well in LEGO’s history, so this should be interesting. There’s a nicely detailed interior, as well as eight minifigures. I wonder how far it will get?

The Haunted Mansion - GoodOlPrince
The Haunted Mansion - GoodOlPrince

It’s up against the following projects in this review round:

That’s some stiff competition! I wonder if any will get through?