The LEGO Grimm

This is an older one, but it caught my eye. As a Children’s Librarian and a LEGO fan, I’m always fascinated by book representations in LEGO – I’ve even attempted some myself. This one by Markus Rollbuhler takes a classic subject matter – the stories from The Brothers Grimm – and recreates them into a stunning visual.

Brothers Grimm - Markus Rollbuhler

The Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm, travelled around Germany collecting stories and folklore, and later published them. They’re now the stories that are retold all over the world and known by millions of people. It does need to be said though, that the original versions were much more bloodthirsty and violent than the versions we know now!

The incredible MOC by Markus recreates Hansel and Gretel in the left page, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in the right, as well as references to other stories thrown in for good measure. See if you can spot Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, The Seven Ravens, and The Frog Prince. I love the forced perspective in this model, especially on the right hand scene, and the use of the white shapes in the ‘pages’ is beautiful. I’d love to see this one up close and check it out from another angle. It’s amazing!

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