Tux, Who Else?

Organic stuff is notoriously difficult to create in LEGO for the mere LEGO mortal. There are others, however, that absolutely nail this with the least amount of parts.  One of these organic masters is timofey_tkachev. If you look through his Flickr archive, there’s example after example of glorious organic goodness. Of all of those, this is one of my favourites.

Tux - timofey_tkachev

If you’re only a little bit of a tech fan, you might know that this is Tux, the mascot for the Linux operating system. The way that the creator has positioned Tux to be sitting, like he so often is depicted, is absolutely spot on.

There are so many little details that are amazing, and they all add up to penguin perfection. The feet, belly, wings, and that face with what looks to be like a chubby cheeked beak is brilliant. He’s just so cute in plastic!

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