Two Projects Get to 10,000

In the last few hours not one but two project submissions on LEGO Ideas have made it to the 10,000 required votes to get to the Review stage.

Queen Victoria Cruise Ship

Queen Victoria Cruise Ship - FlagsNZ-

Created by FlagsNZ, this stunning replica of the Queen Victoria, and looks like it shares some design techniques with 10241 Maersk Line Triple E. It’s apparently built at the same scale as 10241, so it would look excellent sitting together.

Playable LEGO Piano

Over the last few hours this one snuck in too! Built by SleepyCow, this is a phenomenal model that can actually function. There’s a stack of real life aspects to it, including what can be removed to see inside the model. This is one I really hope gets made into an official set.

You can read more about the Queen Victoria Cruise Ship and the Playable LEGO Piano on their project submission pages.

They’re up against the following three other project submissions in the Third 2018 Review Stage: