Two Projects Reach 10K on LEGO Ideas

Last night another project reached the coveted 10,000 supporter votes needed to proceed to the Review stage, and it appears I missed another one! First up, last night’s submission – The Pirate Bay by Bricky_Brick.

The Pirate Bay - Bricky_Brick

I’m a big fan of pirates, and this submission looks fantastic! There’s a stack of detail, and more wood and greenery than you can poke a stick at. There’s seven minifigures, and has a nice range of animals common to the standard pirate themed sets. It looks like a massive build, so I really hope this one gets through. It’d be great to set this up in my pirate display.

I’d say the name might need to change though, to avoid confusion with a certain website!

Next up is the one I missed – The Office – NBC by theoffice_lego. We’ve got yet another TV show scene set, and I’ve got to admit, this one is impressive. If it was to get through, I can imagine people buying multiple copies of it just to have an office complex in a city!

I’m not a big fan of the US version of the Office, but the UK version sits fondly in my memory. There’s moments of brilliance in the US version though, so I can imagine that this submission will be popular.

These two projects join Museu Nacional – Rio de Janeiro and Anatomini in the first review stage for 2019. I wonder what’s next?