Vikings are Back! – 31132 Viking Ship & the Midgard Serpent Review

Theme: Creator
No: 31132
Release Year: 2022
Cost: AU $179.99 | US $119.99
Pieces: 1192 (with four minifigures)

Now this is a Viking Ship! One of the highly sought after sets this year is the Creator Viking Ship. It’s big, colourful and has plenty to love, so I had to pick it up to see how it fared against the other Viking ship in The Goat Boat. Being a Creator 3in1 set, there’s plenty more options to build – the Midgard Serpent with the ship, a Viking house, and Fenris, a monstrous evil wolf from Norse mythology, also known as Fenrir. I’ve selfishly only built the primary build, but the other builds look just as good.

Four minifigures are included in the set, and they’re brilliant. Great torso prints back and front, hair and Viking helmets are included. They really take the set to another level. Unfortunately there’s no leg printing on them.

  • There’s a long blonde female warrior – the dual moulded hairpiece on this is superb and the torso is brand new. She carries a spear.
  • The bushy bearded male warrior also has a new torso and a great helmet. He’s even got pants that match his beard and carries a battleaxe.
  • The other female minifigure is a little more ordinary, having the same torso as the male, and more standard hair and carries an axe.
  • The final male has the same horned helmet as the other guy, but has a big fur collar, and a new torso print for him too. He’s got a longsword.

The set includes three instructions – one for each model. They’ve also got the more dull new style of instruction booklets. It’s so they’re all uniform, but man they’re boring!

The first part of the build is a funny looking cow (I think it’s meant to be a Highland cow (the hairy orange variety) and a barrel of gems. Then work gets started on the longship. There’s so much SNOT for the stern and the keel, and the figurehead dragon looks superb. I can just imagine it’s gilded and all shiny. The build just gets bigger and bigger – I was honestly really surprised with how big it got! It’s so good! The colours along the sides are great, in blue, yellow and black and the brick built shields just make it pop. Add the rigging and the striking red and white sail with the red flag and two ravens on top and you have one of the coolest Creator sets to come out of LEGO. 

Inside there’s a sheltered table and benches (with removable roof), a fire out the back with some fish cooking, and at the front there’s a massive ballista that actually fires. Granted, it’s not the strongest ballista, with the tiny elastic band barely launching the 1×1 round brick further than the actual ship itself, but it’s a great inclusion.

The massive sail hangs off the boom at the top and sits against the front rigging neatly. The back of the sail is just bare bricks, so it’s not the best to look at, but the rigging actually does the job of holding everything securely in place. It was enjoyable putting those in place! This ship is nothing short of epic.

On to the enemy – the Midgard Serpent. Chock full of ball sockets, click hinges and Technic rotator joints, there’s a whole lot of movement and poseability in this monster, and the use of the flippers as fins was just perfect. It’s big and would terrify anyone except fearless Vikings, so it’s a great build, and rather reminiscent of a previous LEGO Vikings set. It’s great to see a more modern yet Classic take on it.

The primary build in this set is nothing short of superb. It’s hugely playable, has a heap of detail and striking colour and is big! Big enough to warrant a place on my shelf with my other pirate ships. For those that missed out on LEGO Vikings, this is a really good way to appease that hole in your collection. 

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