We’re Getting a White Baseplate in 2020!

Huge news! A white 32×32 baseplate variety will be available under the LEGO Classic range, alongside green, blue and light bluish grey. Tan isn’t available any more, but whites are in!

But, did you know that they’ve existed before? From what I can tell, they’ve been in three sets, all of which are not easy to come by now! In 2005 they appeared in 9544 Maths Machines, a LEGO Education set that actually included four of them! One was also found in 851499 Knight’s Kingdom Chess Set, and another later on in 2007 with 8144 Ferrari F1 Team, with both the Michael Schumacher and the Kimi Räikkönen Editions. These two were exactly the same set, but it came out as Schumacher was retiring and being replaced by Räikkönen. The only differences? The stickers!

Hoth and Christmas MOC builders, rejoice! I sense a lot of snow MOCs in 2020…

Thanks to Hoth Bricks for the news…

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