Wizarding World Harry Potter Sets Revealed!

Entertainment Weekly has recently revealed the three remaining Harry Potter sets from the Wizarding World theme, and I reckon they look brilliant! We’ve already seen 75954 Hogwarts Great Hall, and now we’ve got three more, each from a pivotal moment in three of the books in the Harry Potter series.

75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow

First up there’s 75953 Hogwarts Whomping Willow. In this set weighing in at 753 pieces and selling for US $69.99, We get an extra section of Hogwarts, the eponymous Whomping Willow, and a beautiful little Ford Anglia, as well as a number of minifigures – Harry, Ron and Hermione, as well As Seamus Finnigan, Argus Filch and Severus Snape, plus a Hedwig owl. The branches of the Willow spin and can hold the Anglia and there’s an entrance to the Shrieking Shack tunnel.

75953 Whomping Willow

This set can also be connected to the Great Hall set to make a bigger diorama. Inside the building there’s Snape’s office, a Gryffindor dormitory tower with beds, and a potions room.

75955 Hogwarts Express looks stunning. The train is gorgeous! There’s 801 pieces and it sells for US $79.99.

75955 Hogwarts Express

We’ve got Platform 9 3/4, the engine and a carriage, and a beautiful overpass from King’s Cross Station. Minifigures include Harry, Ron and Hermione, plus Remus Lupin, a Trolley Witch, plus a Dementor and Scabbers the rat.

75955 Hogwarts Express

The wall between the platforms can swing open, and inside the carriage is space for four seats, the Trolley Witch and sweets trolley (complete with chocolate frog). All of this is accessible with the removable side wall and roof.

Lastly, there’s 75956 Quidditch Match. At exactly 500 pieces and at US $39.99, this one is beautiful and bright! It’s also the one I’m the most excited about. It’s one of the most exciting parts of the Harry Potter series.

75956 Quidditch Match

There’s everything you need for a Quidditch match here, including the quaffle, shootable bludger and a brand new Golden Snitch! The stands look stunning, and there’s six minifigs in this one too – Harry, Hermione, Snape, Oliver Wood, Lucian Bole and Marcus Flint. The Gryffindor house tower has a hatch at the bottom, Slytherin has a pop-up fire spell, Ravenclaw holds the megaphone, and Hufflepuff has the scoreboard. The three rings are all protected by a moving keeper. Its all so exciting!

That’s it! Who’s keen for these? I know I am, and I’ll be trying my hardest to get copies of them so I can review them in detail.

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