Your Top 5 LEGO Sets of 2020

In early December I asked you to vote for your top five LEGO sets of 2020, and you’d go into the draw to win a copy of the 2021 Modular, 10278 Police Station. Well, vote you did, and we have a winner!

Congratulations to Louisa Dyer for taking home the set. I’ll be in touch with more information. On to the results! I got a crazy amount of responses – over 850, so thank you very much to all who voted.

On to the results! The top five sets along with the percentage of votes gained were:

10270 Bookshop (49.1%)

10270 Bookshop

No real surprises here – modulars are always the most highly anticipated sets of the year.

21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay (44.7%)

21322 Full

This was my favourite of the year. Bringing back Pirates in such a stunning way was just so exciting. A beautiful looking build that also included an equally stunning ship.

75978 Diagon Alley (38.7%)

This was a bit of a surprise release, but boy, was it exciting! A massive build with so much detail.

10273 Haunted House (38.5%)

One of the first releases of 2020, chock full of details and links back to LEGO sets of old, plus a brilliant function in the set as well.

71374 Nintendo Entertainment System (34.9%)

Lastly, the nostalgia filled NES. I had a ball building this one.

Click each of the images in the article to check out my thoughts on the sets. My top five of the year were Pirates of Barracuda Bay, Nintendo Entertainment System, Haunted House, Diagon Alley and the Grand Piano.

What just missed out though? Here’s six through 10:

There it is! Your top sets of 2020. We’ve had an amazing year of LEGO! Are there any you were sure would be in the top 5 of even 10? Let me know in a comment.