Hamburger - nobu_tary

Fancy a bite?

This fantastic build popped up on my Flickr feed the other day, and I thought it needed a share! It’s called Hamburger, and it’s been created by nobu_tary…

Fiat 500 F - saabfan

Fiat 500 F Gets 10,000 Votes

Another LEGO ideas project submission has reached 10,000 votes – Fiat 500 F from saabfan. You’ll probably recognise the name from the incredible 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V. Well, saabfan is at it again, and has come up with this beautiful version of an iconic little vehicle…


Mountaintop Shrine

Check this out! Grant Davis is a very well known name in the LEGO world, and for good reason – he’s got a serious amount of talent. Just take a look at his latest build – Mountaintop Shrine…

70629 Piranha Attack

70629 Piranha Attack Review

I’ve had a few LEGO Ninjago Movie sets sitting on my desk waiting to be built, and I’ve finally had the chance to take a look at them! These have been around for a while already, and they’re still on shelves just waiting for you to grab them. For the first one, I’m looking at one of the smaller sets – 70629 Piranha Attack, but I’m also planning on looking at a couple more.